DJ Flounder Announces His Departure From DC’s 107.3 (WRQX)

11/9/2015 DJ Flounder announces today that he will no longer be on DC’S 107.3(WRQX)on his twitter and facebook page.

Updated : Today was the last day of SARAH,TY AND MEL on DC’S 107.3

Flounder 107.3

Following is an excerpt from DCRTV.COM

” DCRTV has been reporting lots of rumors about major changes coming to the ratings-struggling Cumulus contemporary hit outlet coming soon, including possible a flip back to adult contemporary music a la its old Mix 107.3 days with the possible return of former morning man Jack Diamond. Stay tuned….”

Do you think STM will hang around on DC’s 107.3? We just have to wait and find out.

Updated: Jack Diamond is coming back to MIX 107.3 to replace STM. The new show will being on Monday Nov,16th,2015.


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Sarah’s next steps after leaving WRQX
DJ Flounder, Sarah, Samy K and Mel from Kane Show On 107.3 

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