05 PM | 10 Oct

Flounder Fired Elliot Back

Bryan Flounder Schlossberg has been a friend of ours and we just want to help him get his words out.

Below are from Bryan Schlossberg’s Facebook in reply to what Elliot has been mindlessly claiming,

“I have avoided discussing this publicly for the last year, I felt it was unprofessional to do so. But this morning, Elliot Segal announced on the air that “I fired him.” This could not be further than the truth. To claim “I fired him” would imply that he did the firing. For several months leading up to it he avoided any contact with me. When I was actually fired he had strangers do it while he hid in his room like the coward that he is (with the rest of them). I felt that after all I did for the guy and that show (and what I had to tolerate there) that I deserved more after 12 years of service. I don’t want to go into any more specifics but if he brings it up again, I am prepared to do so to defend my name. And there is more. -Bryan Flounder Schlossberg “

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The audio for reference.It starts at 13:15