08 AM | 04 Dec



I admit we have been out from the site for about 3 months now. Its no other than the crew working on DCYPLUS new music videos for their release in Myanmar.We aim to finish with everything by April of 2012. Yes it a bit more time to wait but it will be worth it.

Meantime we are also trying to launch new dcyplus.com. So stay with us and we would be back in a few weeks with new videos. Get ready for 2012 because we are already there. Have a safe and happy Christmas!

With best wishes from Team Danyar

05 AM | 29 Jun



Testing out the lightings

Currently we are working on the upcoming album for the band DCYPLUS. The album is currently produced in Burma,and plan to start shooting 8 of 13 music videos here in DMV area. The rest of the music videos will be shot in Burma,back at home.

We will post more updates and fun stuff from the upcoming shoots. Currently we have done casting for the song, “Way Way Nay Yar Mha Achit”.

Here is the list of people working on this music video.

Director : Danyar Assistant Director : Peter Lwin Director of Photography : Gasper Kay Editor : Danyar